About Us

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The Company was founded in February 2011 to manufacture doors and windows for prefabricated buildings; right from the start, our purpose was to provide good value for money, flexible production and the highest level of quality.

Since 2012, our organisation has allowed us to reach a good level of service.

In 2013, we wanted to take a leap forward by investing in new profiles and new machines to improve our performance and increase productivity and penetration in the prefabricated housing industry while acquiring new customers.

The same year, we acquired customers for the creation of special details and personalised aluminium products, either with materials to be processed or supplied in full.

Our bold approach to improvement has rewarded us even in the following years, with a 50% increase in revenue and high levels of service and quality.

In 2016 we completed our range of products by investing in machines and equipment for the production of PVC fixtures for both industrial and residential use.

It is not up to us to set our next goals; we have to rely on the market and our customers, because our main goal is to meet their expectations and market demands.

Our mottos

  • Our youth is our strength
  • Continuous improvement is part of our way of thinking
  • Quality is the essence of our decisions
  • Customers are our priority