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Prefabricated buildingsAluminium and PVC fixtures
Aluminium parts

We produce aluminum and pvc fixtures specific to prefabricated structures such as modular homes, bungalows and car garage.


Our company employs an integrated development system:
• Inventory with Product Configuration and Shipment Issue
• Development of order arrived from the preventive configuration
• Placed in the table with constructive and distinct cut designs
• Remote connection to all machining areas
• Work programs


The productive part uses machines that are always efficient and cutting-edge
• Connection of all machines with development system
• Prepare fittings according to very tight production plans
• Evolved equipment for short set ups
• Audit control for each work performance

Packaging and Logistics

Our logistics services are at the customer’s full disposal for the development and design of packaging and transport organization worldwide and with any means of transport.


Our professionalism is shifted in case of any problems or non-conformities in availability in the resolution or installation of incompatible or defective parts in a short time and with prepared personnel.

Gold Aluminum and PVC joinery

Series 3000

The 3000 eco series is designed to combine the quality of an aluminum frame at a low price.

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Series 3100

The 3100 Series is designed to combine lightness and functionality without neglecting the aesthetic factor.

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Series 3200

The 3200 Series is designed to combine functionality and solidity, adaptable perfectly to all prefabricated structures.

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Series 3300

The 3300 series was born to combine over functionality and strength, better profile rigidity.

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Series 4000

The 4000 series guarantees the achievement of the K / Thermal required by the current regulations.

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Series 5000

Using a PVC infusion will definitely have a reduction in costs thanks to energy savings.

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Aluminium parts

Our company stands out to offer a complete service from project design, realization of the sample up to the finished product.